Roots of Frustration

Recently, I found myself becoming discontent about a particular situation.I had been meditating on God's word and promises in an area of my life and had felt at peace. However, later in the day I made a simple mistake that in my eyes, looked like something that would cost me big time.

That small mistake led me into being discontent, frustrated and eventually fearful. I began to ponder, what exactly am I in fear of? Then I quickly snapped out of it! I remembered, God loves me! He has already extended me grace when he accepted me as the righteousness of God. One mistake cannot alter the plans he has for me. Especially, one that was made unknowingly. What a sigh of relief!.

In those few brief moments I learned something about frustration. I learned that one of the roots of frustration is fear. It is fear of what we cannot control. From time to time things will happen without warning that we are not prepare for. Rest assure that God knew what was going to happen prior to you going through it. And even better, He has already provided a way of escape. 
God knows that we are all imperfect beings and because of that He wraps us in his grace and love when things happen beyond our control. So who and what should we fear? No one and nothing. We can rest assure knowing that we are safe in His arms. 

So let go and let God. Accept His grace and live a life free from fear.

If you are struggling with fear in any area, I encourage you to meditate on these scriptures: 

- 2 Timothy 1:7

- Isaiah 41:10 

- Philippians 4:6-7

- Psalm 56:3

Be Blessed  




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