Perfectly Imperfect #flawsome

It has been years since I initially started my blog. I was excited and passionate about sharing some of the many nuggets that God was revealing to me at that time. I was discovering my passion and gift of writing inspiring pieces. I was stepping into my purpose and it was amazing.

Then it happened... I got off track. I lost focus.

I will be the first to tell you that life happens. It is inevitable. You can do everything right, exactly the way "they" taught you. And things can and will still go wrong. You can't hide from it.

When the thought of starting to write again presented itself I shrugged it off. I thought, " I got distracted again, surely this wont work. I missed the mark." I came up with all sorts of reasons why I couldn't, but not one reason why I could.

Why is it that we spend so much time focusing on all our wrongs that we forget what is actually right about ourselves. I mean, hello! The creator of the universe hand crafted us himself. He knew what we were going to struggle with before we were even birthed into this world, but He still created us, loves us, and sent the ultimate sacrifice to take on what we could not. Surely something must be right about us.

I have struggled with accepting myself my entire life. From how I looked, how much I weighed, was my GPA high enough, did others like me, is my job good enough, am I "doing" enough (another topic for another day), the list goes on and on. It was exhausting how much I was allowing the perception of others to control my life. Can you relate?

I hated being imperfect. To be completely honest, I still struggle with this.... and it's okay. So let me help you:

Your make-up does not make you.

Your gym routine does not shape you.

Your degree does not elevate you.

Your job does not determine your value.

You are #flawsome. You will never be perfect to this world and that's okay because the creator of the universe has fearfully and wonderfully made you.

What we do to our physical bodies, the wisdom, and things we acquire overtime do not define us. What defines who we are is what has been placed on the inside of us. When we truly harness the power that has freely been given to us, we are to become all that we are supposed to be, flaws and all. We become #flawsome.

So let's accept our imperfections and work through them diligently so that we can help the next woman who is dealing with the same thing. Don't hide behind a mask, choose to wake up everyday and bask in your #flawsomeness!

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