Face Your Fears

In my previous post, I discussed some of the issues we neglect to face simply because of neglect or discomfort. Sometimes it can be so difficult to get our hands dirty and really fix those issues that are deeply rooted within us.

Recently, I had been having anxiety about a particular area in my life. For weeks, I ignored the signs and blew off dealing with the issue until I had to face it head on. I became so anxious that I couldn't focus, I wasn't able to be present, I just simply wasn't myself. In that moment, I had a decision to make. I could either keep running from the issue until it eventually consumed me, or I could come toe to toe with my problems and be victorious.

Everyday, we are granted opportunities to address our fears and insecurities. Everyday that we run from them is another day that fear, anxiety, depression... whatever your issue is; its another day that it has you. Until the day we perish, we will always have something to face and fix. The beauty in this is that Christ came so that we don't have to do this alone. He knows the we are imperfect, but He is perfect and through him we can overcome all things.

I've overcame depression, anxiety, fears, economic loss, and so much more with the help of Christ. I submit to you today, allow Christ to take over and lead you to freedom.

My favorite verse that has has comforted me in seasons of worry, doubt, and fear:

"I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength." - Phill 4:13

Believe and you will

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